Coronavirus Update: More than half of patients have recovered in China. In the rest of the world…

Here is another update on the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19. More than half of the patients in China have recovered. There are around 80000 confirmed cases in China and over 47000 have recovered from the virus. Nearly 3000 have died, most of them in the Hubei province. There are just over 30000 patients remaining and decreasing. At the current rate of recovery, the number of patients can be easily down to the thousands by the end of the month, and the death rate should stabilize at around 5%. As a result, this implies the virus is under control in China, especially with the World Health Organization praising the way the outbreak is handled in a recent report:

As for the rest of the world, South Korea, Iran and Italy are the hardest hit. There are over 5000 cases in South Korea. If you take the population into account, the situation in South Korea is actually worse than in China. It is no wonder that Lee Man-hee the leader of the Shincheonji Church has to make a groveling apology, now that the church is considered responsible for a large proportion of cases in the country, especially with the way they pray and the behavior of one of their 61 year old members.

Iran is mobilizing their troops to handle the outbreak, after the first case was found in the holy city of Qom, where people could have easily come and gone. As for Italy, there has been a surge of cases even though it has been over a month since the government cancelled all flights to and from China.

By some coincidence, it appears the number of cases started rising on 23rd February for both Iran and Italy. I wonder why.

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