China’s economy – developed or developing? Richard Marles talks China-Australia relations | Insiders

Deputy Opposition Leader Richard Marles speaks with Insiders’ Fran Kelly about the state of China’s economy, its future and how the Australian Government is – and should – interact with the country.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke as one with the US President, calling on global trade laws to be changed to redefine China’s status from a developing economy to a newly developed one. China didn’t like that much, nor did the Labor Opposition in Australia.

“China is a very large economy and it will become the largest economy in the world. It obviously is a large population. And it is still developing. That’s the matter of fact. But the point here is that exactly where China fits in terms of its place within the WTO, indeed, its place within the world, ought to be a matter of negotiation with countries in the world,” Mr Marles says.

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